Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Any business needs an accountant!

And if you have already imagined several calculations during the course and during your life, know that the profession of accountant involves much more, as it is responsible for guiding the company in decision making, especially regarding costs and investments.

The job market is favorable since companies need to maintain competitiveness, and it is this professional who assists in maintaining it.

The accountant can perform various functions, such as accounting and tax analysis, accounting examination, auditing, inspection, actuarial (insurance), consulting, in addition to teaching and research. The field of work comprises operations in public and private entities: in rural commercial companies, industrial companies, service providers, financial institutions, besides carrying out bookkeeping work - organization and reorganization of routines and services and their flows.

URI graduates generalists professionals with specific knowledge of the profession, so that, in practical application, they can produce and innovate, which is important today.