Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Our History

Every history is formed by connections. Despite the kilometers separating them, communities from Rio Grande do Sul state connected through the same desires and needs, starting a new chapter with higher education in Rio Grande do Sul. URI was born with the integration of higher education institutions that constituted the Geo- Educational 38 District. From isolated to integrated, they started to build a history that considers the struggles of the past, reflections of the present and future expectations. Below a little about it:

The diversity that built the university:

The communities of the municipalities where URI is located today have always been attentive to socioeconomic and cultural needs, being formed by a population of Italian, German, Polish, Russian and Jewish descendants and native immigrants. The contrasts appeared when in one side there were technology and modernization and on the other, the crisis of the agrarian structure. So, the embryo that formed the university was the commitment of several leaders regarding the whole development of the population from the cultural rescue and economic recovery of the region.

Democratic in its management, does not defend interests of groups or corporations and does not belong to groups or people. Associative, performs joint operations for a better quality of its actions. Cooperative, seeks the common well-being.