Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Agriculture, as a significant sector for the country's economy, makes this area very promising.

The agronomist plays an important role, taking care of production processes, designing equipment and applying different techniques in crops and livestock. Some fields of work: rural analysis and examination; automation and control of agricultural systems; cartography; communication and rural extension; agrarian economy and administration; electricity, energy and energization in agricultural systems; rural and agro-industrial structures and buildings; business management and marketing; hydraulics; hydrology, meteorology and bioclimatology; engines, machines and mechanization; processment of agricultural products; sanitation and environmental management; irrigation and drainage systems; soils; techniques and experimental analyzes.

The university seeks to meet a demand from the community, based on the need for qualified professionals, not only to work in the agricultural area, but also to contribute to the projects that will trace the paths taken by the region in this economic activity.