Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Highly valued today, Architecture has existed since man felt the need to have a roof to shelter!

The architect and urban planner has a solid artistic and human background and will be able to work on several fronts of work, aiming at more quality of life in cities.

As an essential professional for the human orderly growth, he will be able to work in many spaces, such as the civil construction sector, in addition to the public sector, which demand for architects is big. Thus, he will be able to exercise supervision roles, technical guidance, planning, management and execution of works, inspection, examination and evaluation (regarding construction), interior design, landscape design, urbanism and traffic, as well as teaching, assistance and consulting.

URI prepares professionals to be able to coordinate architectural works without harming the environment. Practical experience is concomitant with applied theory, being a generalist professional who will observe social, cultural, environmental, ethical and aesthetic aspects.