Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Did you know that a simple pot to store food has the hand of a chemical engineer?

The work of this professional is very present in our daily lives, as it is responsible for transforming raw materials into useful products for people. The chemical engineer finds opportunities in the petrochemicals, polymers (chemical compounds used in industry), paints, varnishes industries, etc. Get chances at cellulose and paper mills, construction materials, cosmetics and perfumes, hygiene and cleaning products, ceramics, cement and glass, textiles, food and beverages and pharmaceuticals. You can also get involved in teaching and research.

URI seeks to train professionals capable of assimilating quickly social and technological transformations with the competence to idealize, operate, control and develop processes and products in the chemical industry that are correct from a technical, economical, social and environmental point of view.