Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

A healthy diet that guarantees us a better life! This will be your main concern since nowadays people are looking for a conscious diet and able to adapt to the rush of modern life.

Therefore, given the challenges of the contemporary world and the current demand for more quality of life, Nutrition ends up gaining prominence, with the job market growing, with opportunities in offices, clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, dietary offices, ambulatories, health centers, day care centers, research institutions, universities, government agencies, industries, food chains, and recently with work in marketing, supermarkets, health surveillance, gyms and sports nutrition.

URI’s formation is generalist, humanistic and critical, enabling a performance in all areas of knowledge, in which food and nutrition are fundamental. The university wants to contribute with the quality of life improvement and the course is based on ethical principles, reflecting the economical, political, social and cultural reality.