Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

This profession is for those passionate about teaching and learning! According to data from the Higher Education Census, the Pedagogy course is one of the courses with the most students in the country's graduations.

One of the explanations is that the profession has been expanding its field of activity, that is, we should no longer imagine the educator just in one school. He will be able to work in non-governmental organizations, publishers, with hospital pedagogy, special education, youth and adult education and, of course, in public and private schools.

The professional graduated at URI will be qualified to work in early childhood education, in the initial years of basic education and in management and pedagogical training, being able to diagnose problems and present solutions in the school, non-school and popular education field. The graduate will be a researcher, reflective intellectual, sensitive to multiculturalism, with mastery of theoretical and practical, political and social knowledge, committing himself to the construction of a fairer, fraternal and democratic society.