Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

When we talk about engineering, what comes to mind? Calculations? Numbers? The production engineer will work with systems and machines, but it seeks, above all, to understand the human being and labor relations. And, as the market today seeks more productivity, combined with quality and sustainability, this profession is among those with the greatest potential in the country.

As it is a professional responsible for ensuring the efficiency of production processes and will have diverse knowledge in people management, production, economics, among others, the workforce is easily absorbed. The main operation area are the sectors of mechanics, chemistry, oil, civil, steel, food, electronics, agribusiness, etc.

URI is dedicated to offer solid training in technology, science and the market, to train the professional in the development of new technologies and to act in a critical and creative way in solving problems, considering political, economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects.