Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

If some professions take care of the health of the body, the psychologist takes care of the health of the soul.

That figure of the psychologist attending in an office is no longer the reality of the profession, because today the job market is quite wide. The psychologist can work with clinical, educational, traffic, sportive, legal, social and psychopedagogy psychology.

The places that hire the most are clinics, hospitals, schools and universities, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers, professional selection agencies, large companies, in addition to the public service.

URI seeks to train a sensitive professional who is committed to social needs; who has general training, demonstrating the ability to act in different contexts and who acquires special attention to health, being able to carry out psychological interventions in the areas of prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation of health, on an individual and collective level.