Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Imagine being able to contribute to producers who use traditional practices on their properties and where, in general, knowledge is passed on through generations.

The course, which can be completed in three and a half years, prepares professionals to act as agents of rural development, with a strategic look to planning and the organization of agricultural production systems, as well as in the process of agro-industrialization and commercialization of products, seeking rural succession. . It is a more specific and quick training, integrating URI to the region.

Maximizing local resources and adopting technologies that respect man and nature, with a view to the industry or qualified markets, this professional will be able to: provide technical advice to the farmer in the preparation, management and conservation of agricultural and food products from family property; to technically assist research projects on agricultural and agro-industrial production systems in family properties; supervise the management of raw materials and agricultural and agro-industrial production processes; control the quality of products in family farms and agro-industries; undertake rural businesses; and produce food.