Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Love for animals speaks very strongly in this profession! At the professional level, the graduate will be able to develop actions aimed at ​​Agrarian and Environmental Sciences area, regarding animal production, food production, animal health and mental health, environmental protection and, mainly, in the assistance of activities such as medical, surgical and diagnosed laboratory techniques, which aim at animal and human welfare.

Thus, the main areas of activity are: domestic animal clinic, large animal clinic, wild animal clinic, beneficiation control of animal origin products in agro-industries, health defense, public health, development and production of medicines and biological products for veterinary use, development of biotechnology and genetic improvement.

URI’s veterinary doctor will be a generalist, humanist, critical and ethical professional, capable of developing professional activities in different social groups and communities, contributing to the economical, intellectual and cultural social development of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil.